Hi, I'm Marcus, creator of Old Town Magick - a store fueled by my love for dark, moody decor and Edinburgh's captivating gothic ambiance.

As an artist, I've always been drawn to the spiritual and sublime. Mysteries about our planet and the nature of our purpose here on earth have always captivated me - whether it's the whispers of the divine, the allure of magick, or the depths of the esoteric and occult.

Alongside making my art, I have also studied Tarot cards and find their history and imagery fascinating. I often use them for inner guidance or when doing readings for friends and family. As a fellow lover of the dark and mysterious, I hope you'll love the art and products I've created for this store.


Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, our store offers an enchanting array of dark decor for devious souls, inspired by the ancient traditions of esotericism, spirituality, and magick. Delve into our collection of wall art prints and home decor, where each design tells a tale of the unseen and the profound. From Celtic knotwork to mystical animals and celestial symbols, our artwork invites you to explore the depths of the human spirit and connect with the mystical realms beyond. Step into our realm, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and where every piece is infused with the power to inspire, protect, and transform.